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1118 Polk Street
San Francisco, CA, 94109
United States

Sunnyvale: (408) 736-7588 | SF: (415) 874-9810


NUTRISHOP™ is filling a void in the retail nutrition industry and providing health conscious consumers with unparalleled customer service and an extremely diverse selection of superior, cutting edge nutritional supplements at guaranteed low prices.  Our friendly staff at NUTRISHOP is here to provide our customers the necessities to help them achieve their fitness goals.  Our team will spend quality time with you and offer unparalleled service to ensure optimal results.  Regardless of your fitness goals, we are here to assist you in meeting or even exceeding those goals.  We call this The NUTRISHOP Experience.


Sunnyvale: (408) 736-7588 | SF: (415) 874-9810

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Customer Trasformation Spotlight

Transformation Story

Farzad "Freddy" Issazadeh

In August of 2013, I was tipping the scales at 268 pounds. I was sick and I was tired. I couldn't stand to see the man in the mirror that I had become.

I dreaded having to face another day. I decided it was time to make a change. I reached out to a local trainer and customer of Nutrishop Ladera Ranch, Joey Medina. I told him my story and explained my struggles. I told him I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was done being overweight. He put together a training plan and we went to work. It didn't come easy.

While everyone else was asleep, I was training after-hours. It was brutal. I considered giving up and going back to the way things were, but Joey refused to leave me behind and I could not give up on myself. He put me on a highly nutritious diet and the training continued.

Shortly thereafter, Joey introduced me to Jon and April, the owners of Nutrishop Ladera Ranch. Jon and April have supported me since day one. It is an honor and privilege to call them family and proudly wear the Nutrishop brand.

I now looked forward to every morning - ready to attack each day
As the consistent training and balanced eating continued, I wasn't tired anymore. The weight started to drop off. I now looked forward to every morning - ready to attack each day. I got faster. I became stronger. It wasn't long before I couldn't recognize that man in the mirror, in a good way! I donated my XXL clothes. I was down to a large, then a medium. My confidence rose through the roof. My performance at work skyrocketed. I even met the girl of my dreams.

Today, I weigh 200 pounds, but I'm far from finished. Joey told me early on, "the best return on investment in life is the ability of investing time in yourself and witness the dividends pay off".

"Participants may experience different results based on a variety of factors including starting weight, exercise, diet and plan."

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